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Klang children's road safety app

The Best Travel Apps for Kids

Posted: 20 May 2015

A big part of the Luxury Family Hotels ethos is helping families to spend quality time together away from the stresses and demands of daily life. But we also recognise that parents sometimes deserve a break – hence our complimentary crèches, evening baby listening and Sunday lie-in service.

And while family breaks should and can be joyful, travelling with kids can resemble a test of endurance, especially when unforeseen delays disrupt the best-laid plans. We’ve tried and tested the latest apps for those going on the road with children, many of them with a travel angle to encourage junior explorers – and most of them free. The following are our favourites.

• LEGO® DUPLO® Forest, www.
Takes ages 1 ½ –5 on a road-trip to help Rabbit, Giraffe and the forest animals find hibernating Bear.

• Marco Polo Weather
Sweet games teaching ages 3–6 about the major climate types.

• The Amazing Quest,
Interactive adventures with Caribbean pirates and in the Middle Ages, the Far West and Ancient Egypt and Asia, for ages 6–8.

• KLANG: The Road Home,
A challenge requiring ages 9–11 to help an alien stay safe from roads and cars while he fixes his crash-landed ship, created by Road Safety Scotland.

• Lonely Planet’s Amazing World Atlas,
Interactive maps, quizzes and games taking kids aged 9–11 on a thrilling global jaunt. There’s an accompanying book with quizzes – also great for car journeys.

Wordzine by Lisbon Labs,
A language-learning tool for ages 9+, with colourful graphics and a choice of eight languages.
• JFK Challenge,
A choice of missions for ages 9 and up, created by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library: train for the Apollo 11 mission, or travel to Colombia as a Peace Corps volunteer.

See also our blog on Surviving Car Journeys with Kids.