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Caring for skin during pregnancy

Guest Blog: Best Skincare Regimes for New & Expectant Parents

Whether a new mum or expecting parent, skincare is likely the last thing on your mind right now. It’s important to remember that changes to your skin are only natural during pregnancy. Some mums-to-be suffer with acne having never suffered from it before, whilst other new mums find skin becomes dry and sensitive.

Overhauling your entire skincare routine might seem like a daunting task but small, simple changes might just be necessary to keep discomfort at bay. We’ve teamed up with Bramley to outline five simple steps to make sure skin stays supple and smooth, whether you have a pending arrival or are tending to a bundle of joy.

  1. Stay hydrated

    Whilst it sounds straight-forward enough, it’s important to keep skin hydrated as your baby grows and your skin begins to stretch to accommodate the new arrival. Applying nourishing oils, balms and creams to the face and body each day will ensure skin stays soft and supple. What’s more, you’ll thank yourself later as skin, hair and nails have a tendency to dry out after giving birth. Maintain your moisturising routine in the weeks and months postpartum to prevent itchiness and irritation.

  2. Nourish your scalp

    A fluctuation in hormones may reek havoc on your hair, with locks becoming thicker during pregnancy to only shed in the weeks after delivery. Incorporate the use of nourishing scalp treatments and rejuvenating hair masks to your self-care routine. They’re perfect for leaving on during your baby’s feed time, or, if you’re lucky enough, nap time.

  3. Eat well

    It might be tempting to reach for the biscuit tin to beat those cravings but remember to maintain a balanced diet to care for your skin. Immune boosting foods such as spinach, blueberries and salmon are rich in omegas, antioxidant vitamins and probiotics which naturally provide oils and nutrients that your body craves both during and after pregnancy.

  4. Don’t forget SPF

    SPF is the holy grail of skincare at the best of times so it’s important not to neglect it during or after pregnancy. There’s plenty of pregnancy recommended sun care products on the market which will help with pigmentation on the face and body.

  5. Apply oils and balms

    Your skin is most sensitive after giving birth so use gentle, natural products to keep your complexion calm and hydrated. Hormones can create changes in the skin but carefully selected products will help keep these changes to a minimum and care for your skin in the right way. Look for Aloe Vera, Rose and Chamomile which are kind ingredients for sensitive skin.

    During pregnancy, be sure to apply recommended oils and balms to avoid stretch marks as skin becomes stretched and itchy.

Above all else, care and consistency is key to feeling more alert as the baby grows whilst ensuring your skin stays fresh. Everyone is different so don’t be afraid to create a simple yet speedy routine that you’ll stick to.

The therapists here at Luxury Family Hotels are more than happy to offer advice and support before, during or after pregnancy. Plus, we have a selection of treatments which are designed with mum and baby in mind, gently easing tension, relaxing the body and moisturising the skin.

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