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Luxury Family Hotels mascots

Welcome to Luxury Family Hotels for a brand new generation of guests

When the first Luxury Family Hotel, Woolley Grange, opened its doors in 1989, owner Nigel Chapman threw away the rulebook for country house hotels.

At Woolley Grange a warm welcome for families was core to the experience; exceptional hospitality and a shared understanding of family life supported this.

Over the last thirty years the Luxury Family concept has evolved, family life has changed and we have adapted many times over to deliver the experience our guests want. We have honed our hospitality, fine-tuned our childcare and embraced wellness with family centric spa facilities.

There has been a lot of progress over thirty years but our unique branding remained the same; with a 30thbirthday approaching we felt the time was right for change.

As part of the process we went right back to the beginning, we reviewed what made Luxury Family Hotels unique 30 years ago and what would still resonate with our guests in 30 years’ time.

We held workshops and focus groups that included a cross section of our current guests and our future potential guests who will soon embrace family travel.

We loved hearing stories about guest’s stays at the hotels and the wonderful family memories that have been created over the years. There were lots of firsts that have happened during stays - for example learning to ride a bike, first swims with a new baby, and for some parents, the first opportunity to enjoy dinner for two - compliments of our baby listening service!

The key message we took away was that Luxury Family Hotels has always given families that most precious commodity - time. With the hotel teams providing heartfelt hospitality, families are free to fully relax and maximise their time together.

It seems so simple, but when we all live life at 100 miles an hour, making time to enjoy the “little things” is what ultimately creates the best family memories.

Over the coming years we will see more changes to family life, external influences that bring change and new generations of parents visiting. What will remain constant is our understanding of how important it is to be able to facilitate the time to make those memories.

Here’s to the next 30 years and making more “time for the little things”.

Discover our new mascots for each hotel:

New Park Manor – Fallow Deer

There are five types of deer in the New Forest, Fallow, Roe, Red, Sika and Muntjac, step into the forest and see how many you discover.

The Ickworth – Horse

The Hervey family were very fond of horse racing, a little too much maybe! You will see the horses in the frieze framing the rotunda. Today you may spot a rare Suffolk punch or you could visit nearby Newmarket for a day at the races.

Moonfleet Manor – Mute Swan

Moonfleet is located close to the famous Abbotsbury Swannery the only managed nesting colony of mute swans in the world.

Woolley Grange – Sheep

The wool trade was the backbone of Bradford on Avon’s economy in years gone by and to this day Woolley Grange is surrounded by fields of grazing sheep. Sometimes you might even venture across a woolly friend in the garden.

Fowey Hall – Cornish Crab

Over the years crabbing has become a classic memory of a family holiday at Fowey and we are sure it is a tradition that will continue for years to come.

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